iQue Conduit for Mac 1.1.1

Export Tracks and Waypoints from your Garmin iQue to your Mac

A Freeware Conduit by Michael Thies


The Garmin iQue 3600 is a PalmOS 5 PDA with built-in GPS capabilities and comes with Windows software only. iQue Conduit allows you to export tracks and waypoints from the iQue to your Mac during a HotSync operation. Data is exported in the standard XML-based GPX format and can then be brought into compatible GPS software.

System Requirements

Garmin iQue PDA (obviously), MacOS X 10.2 or later, basic HotSync (without navigation data) already working, GPX compatible GPS software.


The iQue Conduit is provided as a disk image for MacOS X. It comes with more detailed documentation.


Download for MacOS X Download iQue Conduit 1.1.1 for MacOS X (116 KB)

Version History

1.1.1 5-October-2005 Bug fix for names with special chars.
  • Uses XML entities for <, >, &, and " in waypoint names and track names.
1.1 17-August-2005 Improved compatibility with MapSource and other apps.
  • Waypoint export writes XML tags in a different order that is required by MapSource 6.8.
  • Waypoint symbols are exported as meaningful symbol names.
  • Several GPS applications preserve most of the iQue's waypoint symbols on import.
1.0 14-September-2004 Bug fixes and improvements based on user feedback.
  • No longer crashes on tracks with more than 2048 points, e.g. the active track log.
  • Can name GPX output files based on date of HotSync operation.
  • Slightly faster, thanks to better buffering of XML output.
1.0b2 7-September-2004 First public release.
  • Changed name of GPX file to avoid space in filename.
  • Removed XML comments with iQue-specific meta-information in exported tracks.
1.0b1 15-June-2004 Not released.
  • Feature complete version for personal testing.

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Legal Information

The iQue Conduit is provided free of charge but remains copyright ©2005 Michael Thies. It may not be sold for profit but may otherwise be distributed freely in unmodified form and complete with its unaltered documentation. It may be included with Shareware or commercial products, if the author has been informed of the intended bundling in advance and it is made clear that the iQue Conduit itself comes free of charge and does not form part of the actual product sold.

This software is provided as is. No warranty is expressed or implied. The author accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from its use.

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